Still is the most powerful

force in business

But what does that mean today, and

how will it let us

grow tomorrow?

Here are some


The «Too many brands»


We’re surrounded by stuff, it’s a noisy, complicated mess out there.  We have too much and say too little.  It turned from an investment game to a creativity challenge!. to be seen, to be heard, to be chosen.

What makes a


When people don’t know where to look, creativity is the answer. Because it’s the idea that you didn’t expect to see, the one you can’t take your eyes off.

Future of


Performance marketing turned out to be just a «performance». If you want to secure your investment, you better secure your message.

Many decisions that affect your life are now dictated by the interpretation of your data profile rather than personal interactions. And it’s not just about advertising banners influencing the brand of the soap you buy—the same mechanics of profiling users and targeting messages apply to political campaigns and visa applications as much as supermarket metrics. When advertising looks like news and news look like entertainment, all types of content are profiled on the basis of your data.