Building a


Capital concept

Solves the need for speed, of any
start up.

The PR credability, the power names
and power investment houses, all in

We are here to connect best in world
ideas with best in world investors to
create the best in world brands.

How it work

Funds the long-term brand building efforts of a business,

even as it frees up precious capital that can then be utilised in building operations, distribution and other key capabilities to support the imminent growth trajectory.

We amplify marketing investment

via effective brand building. For every Dollar invested in brand building, we put in twice the amount of dollars into the investee company by tapping the entire spectrum of our roller deck of best in the world creators.

We provide marketing leverage by

investing in equity

for upto 2/3rds of the advertising spends

“Most ideas are a bit scary,

and if an idea isn´t scary, it´s not an idea at all.”

Lee Clow